East Providence Health Equity Zone

Who We Are

In the summer of 2019 East Bay Community Action Program(EBCAP) became the backbone agency for one of several Health Equity Zone (HEZ) grants from the RI Department of Health (RIDOH). The East Providence Health Equity Zone project is a place-based initiative created to reduce and eliminate current health disparities and barriers to wellness. Through collaboration we work to empower residents with the skills needed to create community change.


Community stakeholders play an important role in improving the health and wellness of their fellow neighbors and city residents.


East Providence residents and representatives from various community organizations will form work groups to address  identified initiatives.


The collaborative is representative of the East Providence community and state-wide alliances. The EP HEZ values community input and buy-in.

Collaborating Partners

Join Us

We’re looking for members. We invite local residents, community organizations, and businesses to join our working groups. If you would like to be a part of this exciting project, please contact us at 401-248-3674 or eprovhez@ebcap.org.

Current Areas of Focus

It is our hope that a focus on these action areas will help us begin the community work needed to address health inequities and build a stronger East Providence.

Education and Information Sharing

Increase community awareness of available resources across social, health, educational, and financial areas.

Community Resilience

Develop neighborhood-based networks that can quickly respond to community needs and emergency situations.

Support Health and Wellness

Enhance the availability of programs and resources that support the needs of all residents that bolster physical activity, healthy relationships, and healthy eating habits.

Increase Access to Health Services

Reduce barriers to accessing health services specifically mental and behavioral health.

Awarded Grants

Rhode Island Foundation 2020 Census Outreach

Performed outreach efforts to encourage residents to complete the 2020 Census.

Rhode Island Diabetes Challenge

Working with a resident with lived experience with Diabetes to reduce barriers to care.

Rhode to Equity

An initial 12-month learning collaborative designed to enhance EPHEZ’s ability to improve both health and social outcomes. EPHEZ, in collaborative with EBCAP and Integrated Healthcare Partners, is focusing on improving health outcomes of diabetic East Providence residents through education and increased access to fresh produce.

Preschool Development

Aims to increase reach and access to home-based young childhood education services to local families. Programming includes “Family Music Time with the Phil,” a collaboration with Parents as Teachers and the Rhode Island Philharmonic School, Safe Sleep programming, and Incredible Years curriculum. It also places a Family Navigator within the community to assist and encourage families’ participation in home-based services.

COVID-19 Health Disparities

EPHEZ received funding to address outreach and education due to the on-going pandemic. If you or your organization needs masks, hand sanitizer, or other PPE, please contact us at eprovehez@ebcap.org.

Emergency Needs Survey

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Reports and Assessments

Final Report-Year One 2020

Community Needs Assessment 2019


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