Healthy Families America

Healthy Families America (HFA) is a national evidence-based maternal home visiting program that provides free, voluntary, and confidential services. This program pairs expectant mothers or families with newborns to a home visitor who provides home visiting services to the family and their child until the child’s fourth birthday.

Who We Serve

Expectant mothers and families with newborns up to age 4. HFA promotes and strengthens positive parent-child relationships. HFA promotes growth and development in children. HFA family visitors work in partnership with the family to build upon family strengths and improve protective factors. HFA provides parents and children the support that they need to be successful. Visitors assist families to access community resources and support. HFA increases parents’ knowledge of their children’s development.

Key Features

A family visitor is assigned to the family. Family visitors aim to establish a trusting, constant relationship. Family visitors can help expectant mothers and families to access community resources, and offer encouragement and emotional support. Family visitors work with families to understand their children’s development by using an evidence-based curriculum called Growing Great Kids. This curriculum fosters nurturing parent-child relationships and encourages brain development and stimulation through play. Family visitors link family and patient centered medical home for both parents and children, and work in partnership with families to create safe home environments for the whole family.

Location(s) of the Program

Hours of Operation

Home visits are provided at times that are mutually agreed upon by the family and the visitor.

How to Enroll

If interested, please contact East Bay Community Action Program at 401-437-1000 or 401-848-6697. Written referrals also may be sent to a secured fax at 401-619-7091.

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