Senior Services

EBCAP Senior Services provides seniors with options and resources to help them remain in the community. Seniors must meet income guidelines by the Rhode Island Office of Healthy Aging, be 65 or over, need and accept assistance with personal care. The program serves residents of Barrington, Bristol, Warren, East Providence, Pawtucket and Central Falls. Senior Services offers long-term care Medicaid application assistance and case management services to those living in the community or in assisted living. We also provide case management to Integrity Members of Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island. Senior Services also provides short-term case management to elders who have been referred to us by the Rhode Island Office of Healthy Aging’s Adult Protective Services unit. 

People We Serve

The Senior Services Program is based on income. The elder participant must be over 65 years of age, receive personal care services, and be house-bound. The program serves Barrington, Bristol, Warren, East Providence, Pawtucket and Central Falls.

We also offer long-term care Medicaid application assistance and case management services to those living in the community or in assisted living.

Key Features

The program coordinates a wide range of services including:

  • Social Service Case Management
  • Certified Nursing Assistant Services
  • Adult Day Services
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Personal Emergency Alert Systems
  • Assisted Living Case Management Services
  • Minor home modifications and assistive devices

We offer the Office of Healthy Aging (OHA) @Home Cost Share program, where seniors can earn up to $3,037.50 individually or $4,108.00 jointly (gross) per month and pay either $4.50 or $7.50 per hour for a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) or pay $7.00 or $15.00 per day for Adult Day Services.

Adult Day Services include transportation, and a meal is included. Socialization, structure, and social stimulation is incorporated. This program is based only on monthly income and there is no asset test.

We also offer Department of Human Services (DHS) Long Term Care Medicaid application assistance for the Office of Healthy Aging’s Community or Assisted Living Waivers. This includes case management services to seniors over the age 65 living in the community or in an assisted living facility. We also offer case management through Neighborhood Health Plan of RI.

Long Term Care Medicaid includes comprehensive healthcare services; where most medical equipment, incontinent supplies, the emergency medical alert button, meals on wheels, homecare, adult day, and most prescriptions and copays are covered.

Long Term Care Medicaid Requirements:
• Meet a high level of care- justified by the senior’s primary care doctor’s completion of a Provider Medical Statement form, which indicates levels of assistance needed with activities of daily living

• Have less than $4,000.00 for individuals and $6,000.00 for couples, in assets and resources (including cash value of life insurance, and does not include the value of the home you live in)

• Applying for Long Term Care Medicaid typically takes up to 3 months for services to start

• Those who make over $2523.00 per month may have to pay a monthly Medicaid share

Additionally, we provide short-term case management to older adults that have been referred to us from the Office of Healthy Aging’ s Adult Protective Services unit.

Our goal is to assist with the immediate crisis and try to get the client linked up to services and resources in the community or on one of our case management programs listed above.

We are not an emergency crisis response unit. All Adult Protective Service referrals are triaged to us from the Office of Healthy Aging.  If you have concerns regarding abuse or self-neglect, please report to OHA 401-462-0555.

Most of our services include an in-home assessment, where we comprehensively assess the client and caretaker’s needs, to help preserve independence and provide options and choices.

Location(s) of the Program

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday, 8:00 A.M – 4:30 P.M.

How to Enroll

For more information, contact Robin Ashley Covington, Senior Director of Healthy Aging at 401-490-1152, or by email:  You may also print, complete, and fax the intake form below to fax number 401-433-1598.

Intake Form

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